Bible Stories 4 Kids              


 God's Gift to His Children!


     These stories tell Jesusí life story, from the angels visiting to tell of His miraculous birth, to His death and resurrection. We hope you will learn about Jesus, Godís Son, and know how much JESUS LOVES YOU! You are very special to Him and He wants to be your best friend!


     This journey will take you to places like the Garden of Eden, to countries like Egypt, to the great city of Jerusalem. You'll meet many interesting people like Abraham, David, and many more, as they pave the way for God's greatest gift for you and me, His name is Jesus!


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 Bible Stories 4 Kids
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    "Walking with Jesus"     A Bible study that reveals the life and the love of Jesus to your children by planting God's Word in their hearts and minds. Each of the 60 lessons contains a picture of the Bible scene, Bible Text, a Map, Special Christian Topics, Memory Verses, Key Story Points, Devotional, Bible Quiz, Coloring Page, Word Search, and a Crossword Puzzle.  Reads the story to your child.  Activity Pages and graphics can be printed by right clicking on the activity of your choice.

Check out our download page with Kids Clubs 4 Jesus Bible Lessons,     Spanish, Chinese, Arabic CD translations,     CCB Interactive Games and Activity Pages,    and much more!

  "Publications for Ministry! Try a new and creative approach to evangelistic ministry, with coloring books, crosswords, free bible stories for kids, and other games and tools that you can easily print, and assemble  with a few sheets of paper and two staples.  They are easily edited to introduce your Church, Ministry, or Christian Org.  to the neighborhood.  They have a great advantage over tracks because they are fun bible stories for children, but most importantly your church contact information remains in your neighborhood homes that they may call on you when needed!


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