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Stories About Jesus       . . . from the pages of Scripture!



Angelic Visit

To Bethlehem

Birth of Jesus

Baby Jesus


Three Wise Men

 Escape to Egypt

My Father's Business

Jesus' Baptism

Mt. of Temptation

Water to Wine

Woman at the Well

Fishers of Men

Jesus Heals a Leper

Jesus Heals a Paralytic

 Sermon on the Mount

Wash Jesus' Feet

Calm Be Still

Hem of His Garment

Two by Two

John the Baptist

Feed 5000

Water Walkin

Mt. of Transfiguration

He Without Sin

The Blind See

Good Samaritan

Our Father

Sabbath Healing 

Lost Sheep

Prodigal Son

Great Divide


Jesus & Children

Triumphant Entry

House of Prayer

Anointing Jesus

Wash Disciples Feet

Last Supper

My Comforter

Garden of Gethsemane

  Kiss of Betrayal

Peter Denies Jesus

Judas's Reward

 Pontius Pilate

Crown of Thorns

Carry the Cross

Nails for our Sin

Sour Wine

It Is Finished


Jesus' Burial

Roll the Stone Away

Two Angels in White

He's Alive!

Doubting Thomas

It's the Lord!

The Ascension