Bible Stories 4 Kids


Intro: Road to Emmaus

1  Zacharias

2  Angelic Visit

3  To Bethlehem

4  Wise Men, Shepherds

5  Birth of Jesus

6  Mary and Jesus

7  Escape to Egypt

8  About My Father's Business

9  Jesus Baptized

10  Mt. Of Temptation

11  Water to Wine

12  Nicodemus

13  Woman at the Well

14  Fishers of Men

15  Jesus Heals a Leper

16  Paralytic Healed

17  Sermon on the Mount

18  Wash Jesus' Feet

19  Peace be Still

20  Hem of His Garment

21  Twelve Sent Out

22  John The Baptist

23  Jesus Feeds 5000

24  Walking on Water

25  Mount of Transfiguration

26  He Without Sin

27  The Blind Can See!

28  The Good Samaritan

29  How should we pray?

30  Healing on The Sabbath

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Walking With Jesus

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Walking with Jesus
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31  Lost Sheep

32  Prodigal Son

33  The Great Divide

34  Lazarus Arise

35  Jesus Loves Children

36  Triumphant Entry

37  House of Prayer

38  Anointing Jesus

39  Washing Disciples Feet

40  The Last Supper

41  Another Comforter

42  Garden of Gethsemane

43  Kiss of Betrayal

44  Peter Denies Jesus

45  Judas' Just Reward

46  Pontius Pilot

47  Crown of Thorns

48  Carrying the Cross

49  Nails for our Sin

50  Sour Wine and Gall

51  It is Finished

52  Golgotha

53  Jesus' Burial

54  Roll the Stone Away

55  Two Angels in White

56  He's Alive!

57  Doubting Thomas

58  Peter Restored

59  The Ascension

60  Holy Spirit Baptism



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